Have you ever walked into a place and felt completely welcome and at-ease? That’s how you’ll feel walking into the Healthcare Gallery and Wellness Spa for the first time.

Open in 2014, the gallery and spa still remains one of Baton Rouge’s “best kept secrets.”

Tucked away at the end of Brentwood Drive, The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa is the perfect getaway for couples, friends, companies, bridal parties and other small groups.

The inside of the Healthcare Gallery and Wellness Spa is just as beautiful as the photos you see on the online photo gallery. Spacious, bright and warm ㅡ you will be welcomed by smiling staff and a gorgeous interior.

At the main entrance, a wall covered in chalkboard paint lists the spa’s various services. There is everything from chemical peels to laser hair removal.

Whether you choose to sit in the gallery flipping through an Art + Design magazine while waiting for your massage appointment or get a workout in the fitness center, the choice is yours! And don’t forget to indulge in our rain head showers (yes, please!)

Let’s be real: the options are limitless at the Healthcare Gallery and Wellness Spa. Arranging a meal plan, meeting with a yoga instructor and getting botox and skin tightening treatment are just a few of the services the gallery and spa offer.

Outside of our services, just being in the gallery and spa is enough to make you never want to leave. In the fitness center, you can take advantage of the complimentary refreshment bar that includes drinks, light snacks, trail mix and even wine.

Above the fitness center is a dim, relaxing, bohemian-style lounge area perfect for reading or a yoga session with friends, coworkers or bridal parties.

Next time you need a mini vacation, corporate retreat or an Instagram-worthy spa party: check out one of our spa party packages!