My kids loooove going to the local Barnes & Noble on Citiplace, off Corporate Blvd. If I told them we were going to the bookstore, they would get so excited that I would begin to think that perhaps there was more than just books at that place.
Anyway, on one of our recent excursions, I wandered down the Nutrition aisle and BAM!…there they were. Loads and loads of so-called experts giving out weight loss advice. There were several shelves dedicated just to this topic.
It’s also that time of the year again when everyone is motivated about healthy lifestyles, losing weight, getting fit, etc. so I’m sure these books are flying off the shelves…until we fall off the bandwagon, again.
Dr Phil has joined countless other celebrities cashing in on the diet craze.
I did some research and came across this recent article published by PR Newswire that shows that the weight loss market is a $66 Billion industry yearly.
Wow! This is an astounding number and no surprise celebrities are cashing in.
Some of the big players in the industry as you may know are Atkins, Herbalife, NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Ideal Protein, etc. with numerous smaller players.
You can read the actual article here:
It seems that everyone is still looking for that quick fix and there is no shortage of people trying to sell you that snake oil, haha!
The truth of the matter is that there is no 7-day, 14-day or 21-day diet or so-called detox that will produce any sustainable, long-lasting results.
The principle of supply and demand economics is simple. If there were no demand for these books, the supply would immediately dry up. They’re out there clearly because someone is paying for them.
I am here to say- “Save your hard-earned cash people!” Don’t believe the hype! This is an industry fraught with misinformation.
For there to be any sustainable weight loss, one would have to fundamentally change their relationship with food.
I don’t like to think about the fact that I’m on a diet. Rather, I like to say that I’m on a PLIP (Perpetual Lifestyle Improvement Program).
We need to shift our focus away from deprivation dieting to a more holistic, healthy lifestyle all the time because the research shows that this shift in mindset produces more sustainable weight loss results.
An interesting statistic I came across is that 73% of men in the US are overweight compared to about 63% of women, but memberships in weight loss programs are dominated by women.
In fact, the report shows that an estimated 90% of Weight Watchers members are women. So where are the men in all of this, right? Hmmmm.
The reality is, we still have a lot of work to do and my team and I at the Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa are prepared to provide you a results-oriented approach to sustainable weight loss if you so desire.
We can sort out all the facts and myths with you. I highly recommend you save your money and stay away from that snake oil potion because it does not exist.
It is going to take changing your mindset and being persistent and consistent on a daily basis. Some days are going to be tough but accountability is key and we are here to win with you.
Sure, the shakes and meals from Ideal Protein and NutriSytem do indeed work (for as long as you can tolerate them) by putting your body into a state of ketosis (starvation mode essentially). But is it sustainable? The answer is NO!
Our focus therefore, is to teach you how to eat and enjoy wholesome, healthy foods, incorporated with the right exercises to lose weight and keep it off.
There has been an explosion in the number of local companies providing and delivering healthy, prepared meals like Managed Meals, Metabolic Meals, Fresh Kitchen, etc. (A more comprehensive list is available to you on Google).
Our dear friends at Mestizo Restaurant have a great option as well and in fact can do large family style portions that you can later apportion out yourself. You ready for this? The best part is you can even order your meal prep through Waitr!!
On the other hand, if you are able to prep and cook your meals for the week yourself, then great! More power to you. It is just as effective, so plan to do that instead and roll with it.
We at the Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa have chosen to collaborate with Clean Creations because they can customize your meals based on the ALCAT Food Sensitivity test if needed. We suggest this path for clients who need to drill down to eliminating the foods that may be sabotaging their health.
I did in fact sign up for 8 weeks of their plan myself before I decided to use them as our preferred vendor. The food was of high quality and quite delicious and in fact I did lose a few pounds and felt better overall. (This is not an endorsement by any means because as aforementioned, there are several other companies that do great healthy foods as well).
For me, the best part was the fact that I could just grab it out of the refrigerator and go. I didn’t have to worry about making the food choices while I was on the go (that’s where a lot of us run into trouble). Can I get an Amen?!!
We are also able to pass on significant savings to you from ordering through us rather than paying retail through their website. So, take advantage of it if you need to.
Just so you know, we have also created shorter, more sustainable memberships at our Wellness Spa to allow us to journey with you and allow you to make the small, necessary adjustments that’s needed. We are the experts and understand the significance of support for your weight loss to be sustainable.
My team and I are rooting for you. 2018 is going to be your year to slay the diet demon, lol. If you are interested in prescription-assisted weight loss and wondering if you are a candidate, feel free to call us at 225-383-5378 to come in for a free consultation.
If you need contacts to nutrition coaches, I can provide you a short list as well.
Happy mindful eating!
Stay well friends!! Ciao!
Leone F. Elliott, Jr. MD, MBA
Owner | Chief Medical Officer | Wellness Advocate