It’s a few days before Christmas and as I write this, I am tapped out physically. Emotionally and mentally, I think I’m ok to go a few more miles, but physically, my body just can’t.


Yes… I am exhausted! Down right exhausted!

WAIT! But I’m the guy that writes about self-care right?

Some of you may not have even noticed that it has been 2 weeks since my last email to you.


Yes! I get tired and wiped out just like the rest of you. My point of writing this email today is just to tell you that we, practitioners, don’t have it all together either.


Contrary to what you may believe, we struggle with the same things you struggle with as well. I found myself having very long days, going to Christmas events, squeezing in my kids’ piano recitals, and I could go on and on, but I found myself going to bed late, getting up early, etc.


…and before I knew it, it had been 2 weeks since I took time off for myself and stepped foot inside my own fitness studio or did something to take care of me.


Yes, It had been 2 weeks since I even made it to say hello to my fitness equipment. Some of you might say…Well, 2 weeks is not that big a deal.


Let me explain to you my setup so we can all be on the same page. You see…my fitness studio or movement studio as I like to call it, is literally feet away within my wellness spa.


No I don’t think you understand. I work around the fitness equipment and did not make time to optimize my body. (In another email, I’ll explain to you why stretching and purposeful moving for me is an act of survival and not a luxury).


But…Life got in the way. Yep! It sure did! So, for those folks that have their gyms in their basement, garage, guest room or loft and it’s just piling up dust, I understand your struggle. I mean, I do.




Thankfully, I ended up at one of my favorite restaurants the other night. You may know Mestizo Louisiana Mexican Cuisine on Acadian Thruway. Yep! the one with the awesome, healthy food option, haha!


Anyway, friend/ owner/ famed chef, Jim Urdiales came over to say hello.


After visiting with him for a few minutes, he brought up the whole conversation about self care since he had read a few of my posts. I admitted to him that the past few weeks have just been tough and I myself had not been the best at keeping to my message.


He shared something with me. He said that long ago he had coming across something similar about self care once before and it went like this.


Our life is sort of like a bicycle wheel with many spokes and those spokes all have to be in alignment for the wheel to roll properly and keep moving.


These spokes are a metaphor for our spiritual, physical, mental, sexual, emotional, family relationships, work-life balance, chores, community, etc… (Feel free to insert more here). Essentially, they all have to be in alignment for us to be happy, well adjusted and thrive.


In short, if one or two of those spokes are broken, the ride becomes wobbly and we get out of alignment.


OMG! Wow! BOOM! That hit me…what an inspiration!! Just what I needed!


That resonated with me and the next night I went to bed at 9pm. (No, you don’t understand. This is a rarity. I NEVER go to bed at 9pm!) I shut it down and went to bed. I remember my wife asking me if I was ok.


Two days later, I was on the massage table getting a deep tissue massage and I made a date with my movement studio.


I’m back on track, people!!…and you can too! I know life gets in the way. I understand it as well but it’s never too late to get back on track. Btw, thanks Jim!!


We can do it together. My team and I at the Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa are always ready and willing to walk this journey with you. We are humans like you and we understand the challenges because we deal with them as well.



Leone F. Elliott Jr., MD, MBA