The health gallery and wellness spa is one of the gleaming brands that rule on the medical field for endowing the alluring and titillating services to facilitate the human being. Our motive to improve the quality of life and make you healthier. Our team is intensely passionate about reducing the death level and increasing the recovery of patients. Also, our experts do their work with responsibility and loyalty. Plus, they are the best guider and advocate for proving the solution for your ailments. We endow the primary care, med spa, laser hair treatment, Botox injections, fitness center, and Suboxone treatment for over dearest clients. We are pretty sure that you people must enjoy our services. We are here for endowing assistance 24/7 for you regarding any situation. So, here is the list of images for you to grant the perfect jaunt of our wellness spa. 

Well, it is the painting of an outclass fitness center that provides the services for maintaining your weight loss as per your age and height. Our fitness and health center are full of the latest machines and gadgets. For instance, we offer these latest equipment that are massively used in our fitness centers. 

  • The chest press machine 
  • Shoulder press machine 
  • Lat pull and down machine 
  • Cable row machine 
  • Abdominal crunch machine 
  • Biceps curl bench 
  • Triceps extension bar 
  • Leg press machine 
  • The abduction machine 
  • Smith machine 
  • Cable tower 

So, we offer all these machines for granting training and make it fit our clients. Some full weight machine that is hanging on heavy pipes and rods that are strongly connecting with each other on the ceiling of the hall. When our clients come to the center, they relax to connect with our artistic paintings that are hanging on the walls. Also, we use cabinets and cupboards that organize all things seductively. 

We know that all clients are not the same physique; some are smart, and some clients are heavyweight. For completing their requirements, we use the strong hanging belts that are perfect for doing hanging work out for worthy fitness.  So, every person easily does their work without any difficulty. Add to this; these resistance bands are hanging on the heavy pipes on the ceiling. So, it reduces the breaking fear for heavyweight outpatients. 

We are fiercely conscious of all our clients and facilitate them.  Either is suffering for massive weight, skin issues, need primary care, or suffer from opioid addictions. We want to polish the life of all people. On this subject, we have an awesome sitting area for you to provide the 1-on-1 session to listen to your problems and bestow the solutions. We design this room with a comfortable couch and dim lights that relax your mind. And,  enabled you to discuss the problem without hesitation. Plus, the artwork that is hanging on my walls is also engaging for the patients. 

As you know, in the Baton Rouge health gallery, you also get superb facilities for the med spa. So, we aim to facilitate our skin customers using the latest technologies and in our spa for granting the treatment. We offer the enlisting facilities in our med spa. 

  • Botox treatment 
  • Fiscals 
  • Chimerical peels 
  • Laser hair removal treatment
  • Reflexology 
  • Microdermabrasion 
  • Permanently removing makeup and tattoo

We provide all these treatments for solving your anti-aging issues by using these ways. And, we ensure the use of the latest equipment for granting these treatments with outstanding results. So, we use the high-quality chairs that entail below for you;

  • Massage chair with pedicure facilities
  • Electric hydra fiscal chair 
  • 3- Motor electric all-purpose beauty chairs
  • 4-motor electric fiscal chair with reversible function
  • Mondeo electric treatment table 
  • Therapeutic massage chairs

All these chairs are used for granting the med spa facials and massage therapies. And, it provides relaxation to your mind while treating your problems.  Plus, we ensure the good quality lights in the room that provide clear sight of skin, and our experts do their work easier to eradicate your problems. So, If you want to take more spa treatment so in our wellness spa, you can get your treatment in separate rooms. 

If you are a resident of Baton Rouge and visit our wellness and spa clinic, then you feel happy to meet our reception team. They assist you in any situation and fix your appointment with your experts. They are having high-quality communication skills and are also capable of understanding the situation of clients. So, we hope that you can enjoy our treatment services. If you are unaware of our facilities, then you get information from the flex banner that is hanging in the reception hall. 

Well, we know the importance of your precious time, so we schedule your time gingerly. But sometimes you need to stay for a few times, or you can come early before your time. So, you can easily weigh in our luxuries, and the opulent waiting area provides slackening to your body and provides the comfort zone. Plus, the white and light color sitting arrangement bestows the comfort to your eyes. So, you don’t feel a terrible situation while you are sitting in our waiting lounge. If you’re a patient of back born and spinal cord pain so you can feel rest while you can use our soft cushion for sitting in a relaxed mood, you can also walk if you feel tired of sitting in one place. Our clinic motives are to facilitate the clients in the least possible way. 

We ensure that we grant our valuable service on time. For this purpose, we can keep out products, creams, oils, and other equipments in the safety cabinets. This tactic grants the ease and prevent the time from wastage that normally doctors consumers to find the products and medicines for curing the clients. Also, we use long mirrors on the walls that are the best for you to see yourself in front of the mirror. So, we make our fruitful efforts for your ease, but we need a small place in your heart for trusting our collaborative teams. 

We offer all the above listed services and facilities for our potential as well as upcoming clients. So, if you want to take any treatment for your skin, acute and chronic ailment, then you can contact our support team or fill the form for taking online appointments. We also welcome the walk-in clients in our health spa and fitness center. We are passionate about eradicating your disease and make you a healthier person to enjoy the joy of your life.