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The Weight Loss Clinic @ HCG

The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa

Primary Care Practice & Medical Spa located in Baton Rouge, LA

Your weight plays a significant role in your health and well-being. Unfortunately, success in losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is hard for many people. At The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Leone Elliott Jr., MD, MBA, and the team offer a weight management program. Taking a holistic approach to health, they provide many services that put you in charge of your health. Their weight management program is comprehensive, individualized, and effective. Call the office or schedule a consultation online today.

Weight Management Q&A

What is weight management?

Weight management is about getting to and maintaining a healthy weight. Your body fat is your stored energy. When you go through periods of “starvation,” your body draws on your stored fat to get you through.

If you eat more energy (calories) then your body needs, it stores the extra energy as fat for later use. You need to burn that extra energy to lose weight by eating less, exercising, or both. 

Why should I start weight management?

Your health matters to you and your loved ones. Being overweight or obese increases your risk of developing chronic health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea.

You should start the weight management program at The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa so you can take charge of your health. Dr. Elliott and the team understand that there’s never a perfect time to start a weight loss program. 

The weight management program aims to keep things as simple as possible. They assign you a lifestyle coach who supports every success and guides you through every hurdle on your weight loss journey. 

What can I expect from the weight management program?

The weight management approach at The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa is a comprehensive program. Before getting started, they request that you take full-body pictures, which help monitor your journey.

On day one, you meet with Dr. Elliott for a complete physical exam. Depending on your medical history and weight loss needs, he may prescribe weight loss medication. 

There’s no perfect diet that works for everyone, and the team works with you to create a plan that fits your eating habits. They provide a list of healthy foods to include and a list of foods to avoid. 

The team requests that you invest in food containers for meal prep and a digital kitchen countertop scale. Your lifestyle coach has you download a food tracking and workout app, which helps you and your coach monitor your energy in and energy out. 

During the first two weeks of your program, your lifestyle coach encourages you to track everything you eat. Once you reach week three, the team focuses on your weight loss goals and helps you make better choices. You visit the clinic during week four.

You continue to work with your lifestyle coach, who helps you make small changes that lead to slow but steady weight loss. These healthy habits help you maintain your new healthy weight.   

Weight management is a journey and requires a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle. To lose the weight and keep it off, call The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa, or schedule a consultation online today.  

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