“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”
-Edward Stanley


Life is a sport and you can win at life. Like an athlete however, you just have to train for it. This means taking a deeper look at your nutrition needs coupled with a highly customized functional fitness training program and this is why we think our Movement Studio was designed with you in mind. Whether you want to take your athletic performance to the next level, build lean muscle, reduce body fat, improve your energy or optimize your health, our functional fitness prescription provides you with a personalized roadmap for achieving your goals in our über-trendy, urban movement studio.


Our goal with functional fitness is ultimately to help you maintain or improve your quality of life by emphasizing core stability and reducing your risk of injury. We focus on exercises that closely mimic the activities of daily living and by doing so, we train your muscles to help you do everyday activities safely and effectively. This includes squatting, reaching, rotating, putting things away over your head and picking things off the floor. A squat for example is a functional exercise because it trains the muscles used when you rise up from a chair or floor, or pick up objects from the floor.


Functional exercises also tend to use multiple joints and numerous muscles so instead of only moving the elbows, a functional exercise might involve the elbows, shoulders, spine, hips, knees and ankles. An example of this is multidirectional lunges and done properly and effectively, this exercise can help prepare your body for common activities, such as vacuuming and yard work. All our fitness programs have been designed around this philosophy so whether you choose to work out one-on-one, in pairs or groups, our team of personal trainers/ exercise physiologists, physical therapists and nutrition coaches, will help you improve your flexibility, agility, reduce inflammation and strengthen your core.


Along the way you will start to notice the difference in your muscle tone, endurance, strength and overall health. Our nutrition coach and movement specialist will also work with you to provide individualized nutrition recommendations, eating plans, counseling and goal setting. A variety of health or performance related topics customized to you will be covered and may include a selection of: optimal wellness, healthy eating, athletic performance, diabetes prevention, and heart, digestive and bone health, hormonal health, menopause and weight loss.

Personal Functional Fitness Training Sessions
Your fitness program is only as good as the people behind it. The movement specialists at HCG combine their expertise and design workouts to get you the results you are looking for whether you are new to exercise, rehabilitating an injury, ready to lose weight or looking to further enhance your fitness level. The first appointment with your trainer is the assessment which includes an in-depth review of your health and exercise history, body composition test, metabolic measurement, movement screen and postural analysis. You will receive instructions on how to prepare for the assessment. Your trainer will create your program based on the assessment results and your fitness and health goals. At this point your sessions begin. The assessment will be repeated at the end of every package to show you your progress as well as to motivate you!

1-On-1 Personal Functional Fitness Training
Our one-on-one packages come in 6, 12 or 24 sessions to accommodate your goals and time constraints. For example if your goal is to lose weight we strongly suggest 24 sessions for better results. Your trainer carefully designs each workout to progress you toward your goals as well as to educate you on how the exercises will benefit you. We believe this information is vital so our clients can take better care of their health and well-being.


Intro Package 3 – Training Sessions (new clients only) $149.99
6 – Training Sessions $450 $405 Save 10%
12 – Training Sessions $900 $720 Save 20%
24 – Training Sessions1800 $1800 $1440 Save 20%

Small Group Functional Fitness Training
Studies show working out with a partner or friends increases the likelihood of sticking to an exercise program. For this reason we also offer personal training in small groups of 2, 3 or 4. No assessment is required for group training because the workouts are less customized. Your trainer will review each client’s health and exercise history and design workouts that takes into consideration each person’s strengths as well as common areas that need improvement.

Group of 2

6 – Training Sessions $210 per person
12 – Training Sessions $360 per person
24 – Training Sessions $600 per person

Group of 3

6 – Training Sessions $180 per person
12 – Training Sessions $300 per person
24 – Training Sessions $480 per person

Group of 4

6 – Training Sessions $150 per person
12 – Training Sessions $240 per person
24 – Training Sessions $360 per person

Group Exercise Classes
Our classes are limited in size and range from high intensity formats to low impact formats. We provide class equipment including towels and mats – you don’t need to bring anything but your desire to get fit and have fun. You can sign up for a class or classes anywhere at anytime through our HCG App. The first class of any format is always free. After your free class you can pay either per class or purchase an 8 or 12 class package. Once a class is full your name can be placed on a waiting list through the app. You will be notified through the app if a space becomes available.

Interval Fitness Training
We could recommend a traditional workout to you but since we are mostly science and research driven, not to mention your valuable limited time, we have opted for the high intensity interval training method. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) describes any workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity or even complete rest. Super-efficient HIIT is the ideal workout for a busy schedule—whether you want to squeeze in a workout during your lunch break or to get in shape for a fast-approaching event. Research shows you can achieve more progress in a mere 15 minutes of interval training (done three times a week) than the person jogging on the treadmill for an hour. One Canadian study compared the fat-loss effects of interval training versus a traditional, slow cardio regimen and showed that the traditional regimen burned twice as many calories as the interval regimen, but those who performed intervals lost more body fat.

More recently, a study in the “Journal of Obesity” showed that 12 weeks of HIIT reduced body fat and increased muscle mass. There were also substantial reductions in total abdominal trunk and visceral fat, and increases in lean body mass and aerobic power. The most surprising aspect of the results was that the subjects’ diets remained the same. And that’s not even the best part! Using the Tabata training method, you can complete an effective HIIT workout in just 4 minutes.

Named after Japanese researcher Izumi Tabata, who has conducted extensive research on interval training, Tabata consists of performing an activity all-out for 20 seconds, resting for 10 seconds, and then repeating the on-off sequence for four minutes total.
One of Tabata’s most famous findings demonstrated that 20 seconds of all-out cycling followed by 10 seconds of low intensity cycling for four minutes was as beneficial for VO2 max (maximal aerobic capacity) as 45 minutes of long, slow cardio performed four times per week.
Since VO2 max is generally considered the best indicator of an athlete’s cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance, this study was a game changer.
It conclusively showed that positive health benefits derived from traditional aerobic training could be accomplished with high-intensity interval training.

HIIT/ Tabata training has been shown to improve:

  • aerobic and anaerobic fitness
  • blood pressure
  • cardiovascular health
  • insulin sensitivity (which helps the exercising muscles more readily use glucose for fuel to make energy)
  • cholesterol profiles
  • abdominal (visceral) fat and body weight while maintaining muscle mass.

During a HIIT workout, your body can’t shuttle enough oxygen to your muscles during periods of hard work. Therefore, your muscles accumulate a “debt” of oxygen that must be repaid post-workout in order to get back to normal. The result: Your metabolism is revved for hours after you leave the gym. Trainers refer to this phenomena as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC. The biggest way to use it to your advantage is to regularly work short, intense bouts of exercise into your workout regimen.


First Class FREE
Single Class $25
8 – Class Pass $160
12 – Class Pass $216