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We have been devotedly providing our services in Baton Rouge city for over 20 years. Our aim to facilitate the community by offering various services for granting healing to your wellness and make them vigorous. For instance, our anti-aging treatments, massage therapy, facials, laser hair removal, and preeminently work for amplifying your beauty. Our experts build a trustful relationship with their clients. We provide volume discounts for our potential clients with satisfactory services. So just click on call us and contact our communicator for your booking. Also, the Health gallery and wellness spa accept the insurances for the ease of clients.

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Our Primary Care Solutions

Why We Should Be Your Primary Care Doctors

We’ve reinvented and modernized the experience of going to your primary care doctor’s office. Our comprehensive approach to patient-centered care with same day appointments, diagnostic point-of-care testing, labs and X-rays means you get first class care right in your neighborhood.

Our primary care services

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Why should the Health gallery and wellness spa should be your first primary care doctors?

In Baton Rouge Spa, we revitalization and modernize our system for reaching the primary care doctor. In this regard, by focusing on a patient-centered approach, we facilitate our customers up to the standard. Our valuable services provide help to take appointments without any difficulty and visiting expenses. We have highly qualified experts and trainers that are loyal and reliably work to satisfy the clients. Also, they listen to all information with instance attention and then prescribe the medication to the consumers. Our services have an awesome quality that must win your heart and compel them to come again and again. We are hopeful about your great experience. 



Other Services offered By The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa
Complete Family Healthcare

We are cautious about all your family members by providing the sublime services for complete family health care. In Baton Rouge spa, we welcome all ages people to get treatment and recovery from various ailments. In our wellness and spa clinic, we have the bulk of doctors and specialists that are treating you with sincerity. We know that family is the mixtures of lovable relations and different ages of people. So, we offer the doctors that are experts to deal with all ages. Either they deal with older persons and newborns, babies. They are experts to grant medication to every ailment as per their age of clients to recover on a temporary basis. You can easily make an appointment by filling the form through online ways. Our family care experts provide enlisting facilities:

  • Provide service to maintain proper weight and nutrition
  • Handling acute and complex illness 
  • Managing chronic illness


Prevenative Medicine

Our specialists and physicians care about your wellness. On this subject, our motive to recommend preventive medication for the security of your health.

They prescribe medication that is not harmful to the enhancement of more disease.

For instance, our medication is not thrown in the pit of diabetes, heart attack, and other serious factors.

So, if you want to get harmless treatment, then you must come today to plan your appointment. So, the health gallery and Wellness spa have the certified specialist that wrote the certified medication for their clients.

Our appointment services are open 24/7 for your ease.

Chronic & Acute Care

Chronic and acute diseases are having a worrisome impact on human health. If you are suffering any kind of chronic and acute disease, then a health gallery and wellness spa is the right place for landing your search. Append to this; you can come to get treatment for chronic diseases like asthma, cancer, heart disease, epilepsy, and diabetes. 

Our specialists are capable of curing acute and sudden disease; likewise, malaria, typhoid, and the common cold. We provide certified and legal treatment for your immediate recovery.

We have the experts that deal with all ages and genders for treating these ailments. And they grant medication as per the age of the clients to protect from any dangerous side effect. Plus, our physicians have updated knowledge and expertise to deal with the latest technology. So, not wait and click the contact us button to communicate with our support team.  

Med Spa

We offer innumerable services for the wellness and spa in the area of Baton Rouge. Our clinic offers remarkable services for their clients. We gingerly provide elegant services for our customers to enhance the beauty and auspicious look of your personality. We not only grant massage therapy for your body. Also, we focus on the anti-aging treatment and make you younger. As you know, we are certified and used quality products to deliver good results. Plus, our experts adopt the latest technology to treat their clients. Our physicians are worried about your mental, physical, and emotional wellness.  And, they treat your problems at the last possible step. In our spa, you are able to get facials, massage therapy, laser hair removal treatment, Microdermabrasion, Botox injections, facial fillers, reflexology, removal of the tattoo, chemical peels, permanent makeup, and chemical peels for making yourself appealing. Plus, we offer volume discounts for all these treatments.

Weight Loss & Fitness Center

If you are worried about the rapid escalation of weight and your body fitness, then you reach in the right place. You don’t need to be terrible; we have the heap of trainers and experts that assist you in achieving the goals that you set in your mind before coming to our fitness center. Add to this, and they alluded to the schedule of nutrition that you need to take to maintain your weight as per your age and heights. We controlled your unhealthy habits and provided proper guidance for fitness. When you come in our wellness and fitness center, then we treat you by using the below options:

  • You atheist training 
  • Rehabilitation exercise 
  • Semi-private personal training 
  • 1-on-1 personal training
Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone treatment is the renewal way to treat opioid addiction patients. We know that the passing life of opioid addict’s patients is a herculean task for them. So, we offer Suboxone treatment to cure these people. 

It depends on the use of opioid addiction from patients. These people are facing certain changes in their life’s likewise constipation, slurred speech, weight loss, and frequently changing in their sleep.

So, we have specialized physicians and psychologists for their clients. They try to reach the root cause and provide a cure to eliminate in the body of patients.

So, you can contact our support team to get any sort of information and fill the online form that is available for your ease.

Always welcome walk-ins

You are glad after listening to the great news that we are welcoming all new walk-ins in the Baton Rouge area that do not take appointments through online modes. We are hopeful for making our clinic your first choice for getting out of the ordinary treatments. Stay happy and healthy.

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Accepting New Patients
Now providing Telemedicine for behavioral health services and also for primary care.


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I really enjoyed talking to the Doctor and the coaches there. They seemed to know what they were talking about as well as were trying to find a way to help me and not just say I needed to diet. They also didn’t seem to pass any judgement. I will definitely recommend!

Heather A

I came in for some facial services. When I walked in, I immediately felt comfortable with the atmosphere and aesthetics of the space. I felt welcomed and was offered water while I waited. I decided to purchase some facial products afterwards and I’m completely satisfied with them. The service was great and I will return! Thank you!

Leslie P.
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