NEW!! Now Offering Medical Marijuana Consultations:

Most recently, the introduction of medical marijuana recommendations to treat pain and a full range of diseases and trauma-associated conditions as allowed by the State of Louisiana has been included in the portfolio of care I provide. The emphasis here is on prevention and treatment through the supervised use of its therapeutic methods and modifications to activities of daily lifestyle (through Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep Hygiene and Stress Management) as a focus of care to encourage health and inherent self-healing.

Patients are evaluated by me to determine whether you, the patient will benefit from the use of medical marijuana especially when other treatment options have failed.

To qualify to use medical marijuana as a treatment option however, you must have at least one of these diagnosed medical conditions below:

  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Severe Muscle spasms
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Glaucoma
  • Epilepsy or Seizures
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • HIV positive
  • AIDS
  • Severe Spasticity
  • Crohn’s Disease

**Patients with qualifying conditions who are approved for a recommendation, will be closely monitored. I will design an individualized regimen that takes into account your qualifying condition(s), the product selection, dosage and potential drug interactions.

**Please note that we do not provide Primary Care services at the Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa. Rather, we work in conjunction with your Primary Care physician or specialists as part of your healthcare team.


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How do I Schedule a Medical Marijuana Consultation:

  1. You can text us at 225-384-5378 anytime and request that our Wellness Care Coordinator call you at a time during the day that is most convenient for you. During that call, we can answer whatever additional questions you may have…OR
  2. You can call us at 225-384-5378 during our regular business hours and ask to speak to the Wellness Care Coordinator that handles the scheduling and on-boarding process for the Therapeutic Marijuana program.
  3. You may email us at to request an appointment. We will reach out to you and try to accommodate your request.
  4. You may use the “Contact Us” link/ button on this website and leave us a message. We are very responsive and will reply to your message as soon as possible.
  5. You can send us a private message through social media on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

**All doctor visit consultations (whether new or established) are done on an appointment basis only. No Walk-ins accepted.

As part of our process, I encourage you to pre-pay for your face-to-face consultation visit with me during that call with the Wellness Care Coordinator before they can start the formal on-boarding process. You should be prepared to provide them with some basic information so that they can also email you the several regulatory forms and disclosures that you will need to sign along with the request for medical records forms. If you would like to get that call booked and the on-boarding process started now, please click the button below.

To get started on becoming a Medical Marijuana patient, please schedule an appointment below:

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Click here to learn more on our medical marijuana FAQ page.