The Healthcare Gallery and Wellness Spa is known throughout the Baton Rouge area for many things. We are a unique wellness clinic that features an art gallery, we offer nutritional coaching and personal training, we provide weight loss programs that are custom to your needs—we can practically do it all. In addition to each of these services, we have an incredible spa that is sure to provide you with the wellness and relaxation you not only need, but that you deserve.

Take a look at some of the spa services we feature, as well as the benefits, and visit The Healthcare Gallery and Wellness Spa to get massages, facials, laser hair removal, and so much more!


Most people hear the word “massage” and immediately sigh with relief. Anyone who has received a massage knows the sublime state of relaxation that’s reached, and, simply put, how amazing it feels to get one. As Mayo Clinic says, “Massage is a general term for pressing, rubbing and manipulating your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments” (1). Receiving a massage can mean receiving light or deep pressure, and is categorized into four types:Sports Massage: A sports massage is specific to athletes or anyone involved in sports. Many athletes get a sports massage to soothe their bodies after a high-intensity workout or event, or to treat or prevent injury.

Trigger point massage: This type of massage is particular to tight muscle fibers that can form after an injury occurs. It works to ease the pain and help promote healing.

Swedish Massage: Kneading motions, longer strokes, deep circular movements, and vibration are all implemented with this type of massage. The purpose of a Swedish massage is to encourage relaxation, as well as provide an energizing boost.

Deep massage: Deep massages are a much slower type of massage, where higher amounts of pressure are applied.

Ancient Origins

Massages feel amazing, but we’re hardly the first generation of people to realize this. In fact, massage therapy is recognized as existing as far back as 2700 BCE, where it got its start in China (2). References to massage therapy were made in an ancient book of internal medicine, and in this text, one can find massage techniques that are still utilized today.

In ancient Egypt, hieroglyphics in the Tomb of Akmanthor (circa 2330 BCE) depicted scenes of people giving each other massages. It goes to show that massage has been revered and implemented as a form of therapy for nearly 5,000 years—but why is this the case?

Massage Benefits

In terms of benefits, we at least know that massages—when done correctly—feel really good. For many people, this is enough reason for a benefit—because if something feels good and relieves tension in a safe and practical manner, why wouldn’t we continue doing it?

In more recent years, studies have been conducted to see what physical and emotional benefits can be directly linked to massage. Research is still being performed, but we do know that massage could be helpful in the following areas:

Lowering Stress

Anxiety affects millions upon millions of Americans, and can be extremely difficult to live with. Because of the state of relaxation that’s reached with a massage, it makes sense that one’s worries and tensions could be paused, or could even disappear, during and after a massage.

Imagine a tough day at work, where you feel like you’re running on fumes, but you know that you have hours of responsibilities and to-dos ahead of you. For many of us, this doesn’t take much work to imagine; but now, imagine the same scenario, except you take an hour to lay on a table and be cared for and massaged. We carry a lot of stress in our bodies, and massage can help reduce some of this tension.

Improving Sleep

Many people report feeling sleepy from a massage, or even falling asleep during the massage itself. This is not a bad thing whatsoever! The drowsiness from a massage is attributed to tactile stimulation (touch) and proprioception (deep pressure). These two sources of stimulation often release endorphins, which not only make you happy, but can also make you sleepy. Additionally, your body slows down during a massage—including your breathing and heart rate. This fills your cells with more oxygen, which can also bring on this feeling of peace and relaxation (3).

Whether massage helps you fall asleep for a wonderfully tranquil nap, or helps relieve your stress to make sleeping at night easier, it’s safe to say that you’ll be yawning with happiness in no time.

Relieving Pain

Runners, athletes, strength trainers, and essentially anyone with muscles knows how one weird or wrong move and *zap* you’ve pulled a muscle. This causes a number of “oohs” and “ahhs” and “ouches” at best, and at worst, you’re limping or overcompensating, which can lead to further health issues. Getting a massage can not only relieve some of this pain, but it could guide the healing process in a better and more manageable way. Talk with your doctor about getting a massage, and contact The Healthcare Gallery and Wellness Spa to see what we can do for you.

Not only does getting a massage show promise for treating injuries, but it can also help with more chronic forms of pain. Headaches, myofascial pain syndrome, and fibromyalgia are all things that people have reported finding relief from after receiving massages on a regular basis. No one should suffer with chronic pain—taking a trip to The Healthcare Gallery and Wellness Spa could provide you with some much-anticipated support and comfort.


There are tons of health benefits that come from getting a massage, but at the very least, this is a spa treatment that can bring you the relaxation and self-care you need. At The Healthcare Gallery and Wellness Spa, we not only believe in providing with you the best in pampering and wellness, we make it our mission to make this happen. Schedule your massage with our spa today!


The humid weather, those hot summer days, the stresses of day-to-day life—our skin takes a beating, and our faces show it. You don’t need to spend tons of money on tons of products that you can only hope will make a difference. Instead, schedule an appointment with our spa to get the best in skin care treatments, including facials!

Facials are a cleansing spa service that is offered at The Healthcare Gallery and Wellness Spa. This type of spa treatment is meant to cleanse pores, address any skin concerns, and exfoliate your skin as a whole. Here’s the rundown on what you can expect with a facial (4):

This is the basic formula for most facials, but at our spa, we have a number of other skin care treatment options for you to choose from. With anti-aging facial treatments, Botox®, and more to choose from, there’s a spa service for everyone at The Healthcare Gallery and Wellness Spa.

Facial Benefits

After receiving a facial, you’ll likely see some immediate benefits. Your face will simply glow after receiving professional treatments that are customized to the needs of your skin. Mild acne and dryness are just two things that can be addressed, but getting some much-needed TLC will leave you feeling carefree and relaxed.

Many people often wonder if a facial is right for them. Take a look at some common questions our wellness clinic and spa receives regarding facials!

Are facials only for women?

Absolutely not! We offer a Signature Women and Gentlemen’s Fitness facial, and these are geared for any person, regardless of gender. If you’re interested in seeing your skin glow, getting a wonderful massage and exfoliation treatment, and feeling an added boost of confidence in your skin, a facial could be great for you.

Are facials good for certain skin types?

Facials are a spa treatment designed for most skin types, and your aesthetician at The Healthcare Gallery and Wellness Spa can help determine how to best serve you and your skin. We utilize a special model that works towards evening out the surface of your skin, and we have worked with countless types of skin. From dealing with acne to dry skin, we’ve got you covered!

Will I need to take off additional time from work?

Other than the time you’ve set aside for the appointment, no! We hope you come in for a facial at a time that’s most convenient for you, and is best suited to help you relax, but we understand the demands of your schedule. With our facial methods, you can get back to work, exercise, or practically anything, almost immediately.

Get your facial scheduled today with The Healthcare Gallery and Wellness Spa, we look forward to seeing you—and look forward to seeing how happy you are with the results!

Laser Hair Removal

You’re a busy person, and let’s face it—shaving every or every other day is a hassle. From the extra time spent in the shower, to the extra money being spent on razors, shaving as a whole requires extra work. What if you could eliminate this chore and have a spa option that does even more? With The Healthcare Gallery and Wellness Spa, you can! We’re proud to offer laser hair removal at our Baton Rouge spa, and know that you will love the advantages that come from this spa service.

How does it work?

With laser hair removal, highly concentrated light from lasers is directed towards hair follicles. Whereas shaving only cuts the hair close to the skin, laser hair removal destroys the hair at its source.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a popular treatment chosen by many people, for a variety of reasons. For starters, laser hair removal is extremely accurate—it removes and targets hair without affecting the skin. Additionally, laser hair removal is highly efficient. As WebMD says, “The laser can treat an area approximately the size of a quarter every second. Small areas such as the upper lip can be treated in less than a minute, and large areas, such as the back or legs, may take up to an hour.”

Because laser hair removal works right at the source, the results last significantly longer than shaving. In fact, people who go to get laser hair removal more than once often have permanent hair loss in those treated areas, in as few as three sessions. Laser hair removal can result in a permanent solution, meaning you’ll never have to think about shaving or waxing again!

Things to Consider

Laser hair removal can work for most people, however, if you question whether you’d be a good candidate, our spa would be happy to consult with you. Here are some things to keep in mind before you go in for treatment:

  • Limit tweezing and waxing. Since the laser is directed towards the root of the hair, it needs to have a root to begin with (this is not the case when tweezing or waxing takes place).
  • Limit sun exposure. Having sun exposure can make the procedure less effective. Make sure to slather on some sunscreen when you go outside (which is also just good practice in general).
  • Keep cool compresses and moisturizers ready. After the procedure, your skin might look and feel like it’s been sunburned. Having these remedies available can help soothe the area.

From massages to facials to laser hair removal and so much more, our spa can do it all. You deserve to feel pampered, and to fall in love with the way you look and feel. A visit to The Healthcare Gallery and Wellness Spa is sure to do just that. Book an appointment with our spa for yourself, organize a group event amongst friends, or bring in your employees for a treat—however you want to experience wellness in the best way possible, your journey starts here. We look forward to seeing you!


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