Provided by: Dr. Leone F. Elliott Jr., MD, MBA


At our core, Lifestyle Medicine is really what we breathe. We’ve incorporated this approach because we wanted to help our patients implement what we’ve been advocating for them. It’s not enough to just tell patients to go eat right and exercise. We would rather actually give you the tools to implement them…one idea at a time. This is modified and customized according to your problems, goals and life issues. It is not intended for a quick fix or a quick weight loss although both may happen. However, it is intended to make a lifetime change not only in yourself, but also in your family.

The most exciting thing we have observed is how much better a person starts feeling when they adopt the changes we recommend. Most people don’t even realize how badly they feel and over time, begin to think that this is normal. All we do is encourage some positive lifestyle changes and eliminate the negative ones.

We take a holistic approach to treating you by not being bound by the typical box of only “pills and procedures” for solutions. Let us help you learn how to manage and prevent chronic diseases through Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep Hygiene and Stress Management.


General Comprehensive Wellness:


My belief is that lifestyle is the foundation of all effective long-term treatment and should receive the greatest emphasis in general. The fact that poor sleep quality and poor stress management can cause or exacerbate conditions such as fatigue, depression, high blood pressure, migraines, acid reflux and stress eating issues etc., should logically lead us to evaluate and treat the sleep problems and stress as appropriate therapy in dealing with any of these problems – instead of just writing another prescription. Our current health system places lifestyle at the top of the pyramid and gives it the least importance which has given rise to the very expensive cost of healthcare today due to our reliance on expensive drugs and costly procedures.

Our goal is to help our patients live the fullest and most enjoyable lives possible. We help our patients put the pieces together in a way that makes sense and enables them to truly be in charge of their health.

Please note that we do not provide typical Primary Care Services at the Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa. Rather, we work in conjunction with your Primary Care Physician as part of your health care team by providing and supporting you with the necessary lifestyle modifications that must be made in order to be well as possible.

These are some of the health issues that proper lifestyle modifications can improve: High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Depression, Sleeping Disorders, Chronic Pain, Arthritis and Heart Disease.


Alternative Wellness Therapy:


No matter our age, gender or ethnicity, we are all bound to face some sort of health dilemma at some point in our lives. The main premise of offering Lifestyle Medicine consultations in the Medical Spa is recognition that many of today’s health problems are pigeon-holed into silos instead of taking a holistic approach to care and restoration. The Spa uniquely utilizes a holistic, patient-centered health model to blend standard treatments with complementary therapies to achieve optimal health.

Therapies are offered through several modalities under one treatment umbrella to promote improved health and lifestyle. Additionally, aesthetics, anti-aging and self-improvement techniques are encouraged to maintain an optimally healthy perspective. These are available and provided by specialized therapists in conjunction with traditional and alternative forms of medicine.

Most recently, the introduction of medicinal cannabis recommendations to treat pain and side effects of a full range of disease and trauma-associated conditions as allowed by the State, has been included in the portfolio of care available. Emphasis is on prevention and treatment through the supervised use of therapeutic methods, substances, medication and modifications to activities of daily lifestyle as a focus of care to encourage health and inherent self-healing.

Our goal is to provide the full range of therapies and remedies to identify the cause of illness or pain and provide a treatment and/or counseling and referrals to restore optimal health and function. Our unique patient-centered care approach sets up apart from your average, typical medical spa.

Weight Loss Management:


Each weight loss program is managed by me personally on an individual basis. This is because every person has their own weight loss needs and goals. I look at each patient on a personal level to see what their individual weight loss problems may be. From there, my team and I will develop a treatment plan for your weight loss. The science shows that we need to create structure, community, and deal with psychosocial factors for many for a successful weight loss journey. This has been the core of our weight loss programs and the reason we have been so successful. Click the button below to “Learn More” or click the button to “Schedule an Appointment” if you think you are ready to start your weight loss journey.

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