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Get FIT with us to optimize your BODY

PHYSICAL WELLNESS: I help people fit back into their favorite clothes! Yes, that’s what I do. Taking care of your physical wellness is important if you want to look and feel better. What I have learned over the years is that effective, intentional movement or what I would call functional movement is an integral part of longevity and wellness.

Here’s what I also know…besides movement, the body has to be properly nurtured and cared for in a particular way for you to reap its long-term benefits. However, we were never really taught about our own bodies and how to care for it and its routine maintenance thereof. Let’s face it, we don’t need an anatomy and nutrition class but what if someone took the time to teach you how to move and eat to help you develop that skill? Wouldn’t that be a great idea?! 

To that end, I have assembled my own team of elite personal trainers so that I could work with them personally and guide them on how and what to work on with you my patients. 

Together, we have created unique programs that are a combination of nutrition coaching, floor yoga, barre, HIIT, aerial yoga, resistance training, TRX and other modalities to help you accomplish your fitness and wellness goals.

6-week Weight Loss, 8-week Restorative Yoga and 12-week Wellness Transformation Programs: 

Our 6-week, 8-week and 12-week wellness programs are the most cost-effective and are a combination of fitness, nutrition coaching and psychological support but in a group format. Some people use these programs as an opportunity to kickstart their weight loss journey but we really like to consider it the jumpstart to your best well self.

The 6-week Weight Loss program is specifically designed for the highly motivated individual who wants to meet their goals in a short period of time using the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) format.

The 8-week Restorative Yoga program is very similar to the 6-week program but with a well-crafted yoga curriculum to achieve the same results for individuals that may not do well with the HIIT format.

Our 12-week Wellness Transformation program is designed for people that may not be able to meet the rigors of either the 6 or 8-week programs and may need a bit more intensive coaching and medical monitoring. This particular program is slower paced and a hybrid of both Yoga and HIIT. We are able to join forces with your Primary Care team and track your labs and other metrics such as your cholesterol level, blood pressure and Hemoglobin A1c (if you’re a diabetic) with them.

1 on 1 Private Personal Training:

If group training is not your thing, then private training might be the better choice for you. My team will provide you a customized fitness program along with nutrition counseling to fit your needs and help you accomplish your goal. You will therefore get monthly Inbody assessments, personal nutrition coaching along with a monthly physical assessment testing to make sure you are making progress towards your goal. 

Semi-Private Personal Training:

In this small group format (1-4 people), you will enjoy all the benefits of having a private personal trainer but in a shared sort of way which makes it more cost efficient. You will still enjoy the same personalized fitness programming, nutrition and accountability. Better yet, you get to learn how to move your body with a group of people which provides motivation, support and a whole lot of fun.

*Rehabilitative Exercise Programs:

This program is designed for people who may be recovering from some sort of injury or have pains and aches that holds them back from reaching their wellness goals. We have a Physical Therapist on our team and together we will craft a program for you that will take into account your current status with the aim to improve your function gradually and get you ultimately stronger. We are also able to accept Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance coverage for this sort of program.

Youth Athletic Program/ Speed School:

I will be remiss if I did not create a program for the little ones in our lives. It never hurts to start our young ones early in wellness and to each them that what they put in their bodies and how they perform as athletes go hand in hand. Having two children of my own and realizing how impressionable they are made me realize that this was the opportune time to develop them as athletes while also teaching them how to prevent injuries while playing sports and maximize their potential with proper nutrition. Along with LSU alum and Rio Olympic Sprinter Gabriel Mvumvure and NCAA Collegiate athlete Anna Blackstone, we have created a Speed and Wellness program in 6-week blocks of training that will put your youth athletes heads and shoulders above their peers and their competition.

ALCAT Food Sensitivity testing:

Want to take your wellness to another level? Then consider doing the ALCAT Food Sensitivity test. In case you have not heard of this blood test before, it takes the guess work out of determining which foods and other substances may be sabotaging your wellness. You know how you might experience extreme bloatedness or cramping after eating certain foods? Or perhaps, you feel chronically fatigued and your doctors may have said, “Well, we can’t seem to find anything medically wrong!” Well, that is partially true! The problem might lie in certain foods that you may be ingesting that may be triggering chronic inflammation and chronic activation of the immune system. Armed with the results of this test, you can then make the appropriate food choices to minimize those unwanted ill effects from foods that you possibly consume on a daily basis.

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