So why is this called a FIT-360 VIP Membership? Well, it’s because this membership gives you scheduling flexibility and monthly access to almost every FIT service that we have to offer. We realized that many clients like you have been frustrated with the traditional a la carte way of doing business.  We agree with you and that is why we had to rethink things. For you to accomplish your wellness goals whether it is to get lean, lose fat, lose weight or gain muscle, having a short-term goal with a certain level of commitment is the best recipe for success. At the Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa, we have made re-engineered the fitness membership program to provide you the most value and the best results.

A 6-month minimum commitment is required and some of the perks are:

  1. You will be assigned your very own Wellness Spa Coordinator who will help you with priority scheduling and accessing all the benefits
  2. Access to exclusive events at the gallery
  3. An additional 20% OFF any additional services outside of the membership services provided
  4. An additional 10% OFF any products
  5. Provides maintenance treatments to secure your skin care investment
  6. Affordable and budget-friendly plan