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“I felt so good, mentally and physically, when I left. I had a pep in my step that has been lacking. The esthetician was so friendly, explained everything she was doing and what to expect and was very knowledgeable. I look forward to coming back!”

— Cindy H.

“I am definitely coming back! I loved the facial, the esthetician is the best!”

— Amanda R.

“I really enjoyed talking to the doctor and the coaches there. They seemed to know what they were talking about as well as were trying to find a way to help me and not just say I needed to diet. They also didn’t seem to pass any judgement. I will definitely recommend!”

— Heather A.

“Lisa is fantastic, Frederica exceptionally pleasant & efficient, setting beautiful. Thank you.”

— Kay H.


“I really enjoyed my experience with Dr. Sola. She's great to work with. She is truly passionate about her work, She's very knowledgeable, and she really dives into the details about you and your condition so that she can personalize the best care plan for you. I could tell her goal and intention is to really help me get better. I look forward to further working with her.”

— Barbara L.

“Working alongside the spa’s personal trainer in the movement studio three times a week, I began feeling more comfortable and confident in fitness settings. As a wife, mother and full-time professional, finding time to schedule “me time” was difficult. However, at the Healthcare Gallery, I am able to schedule my personal training appointments either before or after work.

Since visiting The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa, I now enjoy eating vegetables and healthier food alternatives such as cauliflower rice, haha! I have never felt so good in my life and I have these wonderful people from The Healthcare Gallery to thank!

— Amy

Patient Reviews

“I came in for some facial services. When I walked in, I immediately felt comfortable with the atmosphere and aesthetics of the space. I felt welcomed and was offered water while I waited. I decided to purchase some facial products afterwards and I’m completely satisfied with them. The service was great and I will return! Thank you!”

— Leslie P.

“In addition to the kind staff and effective personal training sessions, the art throughout the facility is so uplifting. To be surrounded by both good people and a beautiful atmosphere is so rewarding.

After only a month and a half after my first visit, I am more active at home, can bend down, complete lunges and even swim. My whole body is getting stronger and it’s made me feel better both physically and mentally. I no longer have to take medicines for pain and finally get to enjoy swimming again.”

— Lisa

Patient Reviews


“Dr. Jain was professional, friendly, and helpful! She sought to understand my concerns and find meaningful solutions compatible with my lifestyle needs. After one physical therapy appointment, I am already seeing progress!”

— Crystal L.

“After I left, I felt like a celebrity. You can tell the staff genuinely care about you and your progress. I can’t wait to get back so I can try their IPL treatment!”

— Brittney

Patient Reviews

“The esthetician was awesome! She was very personable and genuinely cared about me, and my skincare needs. I tried dermaplaning and fell in love with the results! She explained the procedure in detail, every step of the way, so I was always aware of what she was doing and why!”

— Laurie M.

“After my first visit to The Healthcare Gallery, I was already looking forward to my next visit. Upon arrival, I was greeted by welcoming and friendly staff. I had never seen anything like The Healthcare Gallery and Wellness Spa before, everyone was so personable!”

— Ana-Alicia

Patient Reviews


“I have never met a more knowledgeable massage therapist. I highly recommend her to everyone I can.”

— Courtney T.

“The receptionist was very pleasant and friendly. The esthetician was friendly as well and did an amazing job for me. I will recommend to many people! Thank you!”

— Mickey W.

“I love my opportunities to come in. Lisa Glover is FANTASTIC and I always look forward to how much better I will feel after my massage.”

— Sarah P.

“Lisa Glover is consistently good and effective each time I come in. She has an impressive knowledge of the muscular system and how to target problem areas. Great massage therapist.”

— Jordan M.


“I have lost inches and gained a lot of confidence. I’ve also burned a lot of fat and built a lot of muscle, so I feel great!”

— April

“I used to never want to workout because I didn’t know what to do in the gym, but everyday, I’m learning something new here.”

— Courtney


“As a result of a horrible car wreck, I fractured a vertebra in my lower back. For over three years I’ve struggled with pain that kept me from doing all sorts of things. 

Over time my muscles started to become weaker and I lost flexibility in my back and legs. I decided to try Yoga as a way to help me regain my lost flexibility and core strength. 

I found Brittany Roberts, who is now a Yoga Teacher at The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa. Despite my limitations she was excited to take me on as a client and found a way to work with my very busy schedule.

She recommended a private lesson plan twice a week and we went to work focusing on my core strength, balance, and flexibility. My ultimate goal of getting back to doing what I love is becoming a reality.

I recently went camping in the mountains in Arkansas and even did some mountain biking. This is the perfect medicine for me and I feel truly blessed to have found a teacher who just gets it!”

— Bobby S.

Patient Reviews

“I already feel so much better! I feel more like my old self when I was fit, stronger and thinner!”

— Stephanie

“Lisa is awesome and really knows what she is doing. I suffer from chronic back and neck pain. After a visit with her I am pain free. Thanks!”

— Heather J.

“The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa is one of Baton Rouge’s centrally located hidden gems. I was referred to this facility as a result of a career ending injury.

The welcome from the entire staff was overwhelming. I am benefiting from the services provided at the Gallery and Spa from facials to personalized physical therapy for core and strength training and personal training for rehabilitative exercise and weight loss management. The decor and shower facilities are AWESOME!

A great roadmap to a better and healthier extended lifestyle!”

— Eric P.

Patient Reviews

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