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Modern Meditation


Meditation in the modern world can be quite difficult. It's a task most people are not sure how to incorporate in their daily life. We welcome you to a guided process that will help you find your path. Meditation will help soothe your mind, calm the body, and energize the spirit.


Beginner Classes:

  • Introduction to Meditation

  • Guided Meditation

  • Movement (Freeform) Meditation

  • Continued Tutelage

Intermediate/Advanced Classes:

  • Guided Meditation

  • Reflective (Silent) Meditation

  • Movement (Freeform) Meditation


  • Affirmation Writing

  • The Buddhist Concept of Impermanence

  • Meditation for Children

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“You know, it can be quite difficult to know where to start in Meditation, and it even seems like a scary, difficult, and daunting task to some. The very idea of quiet or silence of the mind is frightening to some, or perhaps seems impossible to others. Perhaps one of the hardest concepts to understand about Meditation is that it's NOT about complete silence. Nothing could be farther from the truth! A lot of it is getting in touch with the still small voice inside, parenting your inner child, and giving peace to the daily frustrations of life and so much more. Its a journey, a path. Forget Silence. Think Serenity. What's great about what I do is I help you create an easy to use guideline that is personally catered to your needs and makes Focus and Serenity attainable, and this helps to put stress and anxiety at ease, and creates a well lit path to better mental health and wellness.”

— Bonnie Buckner, LMT, CML

Meet The Meditation Coach

Bonnie Buckner is a self-proclaimed “body mechanic” and a “chill influencer.” With 2 years Massage instruction experience and 9 years experience in Medical Massage Therapy with specialties such as TMJ disorder work, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Sports technique, Prenatal Massage, and all things chronic pain, Bonnie is an excellent addition to our wellness team.

Focused on total Mind, Body, and Spirit wellness, she is dedicated to helping her clients and students to achieve a sense of balance and freedom that are much needed in a very tense and stressful world.

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Bonnie Buckner


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