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Massage Therapy


Massage therapy can play a dynamic and effective role in your health and wellness care. We also know that an hour of a relaxing body massage by human touch helps to release the strain of a hectic lifestyle, revitalizing your weary body and mind.

If a deep tissue massage is what is needed to loosen rigid muscles, then that might be just what the doctor ordered! Let us help you stimulate your muscle tissues and revive those nerve endings to promote good blood circulation and keep stress-related health issues at bay.

massage therapy

Benefits from massage:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Relax muscle tension

  • Reduce muscle pain

  • Improve circulation and immune function via lymphatic drainage

  • Increase range of motion and flexibility

The different types of massages we offer are: 

  • Swedish massage

  • Orthopedic/ deep tissue massage

  • Aromatherapy massage

  • Raindrop therapy massage

  • Maternity wellness massage.

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Meet the Massage Therapist

Bonnie Buckner is a self-proclaimed “body mechanic” and a “chill influencer.” With 2 years Massage instruction experience and 9 years experience in Medical Massage Therapy with specialties such as TMJ disorder work, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Sports technique, Prenatal Massage, and all things chronic pain, Bonnie is an excellent addition to our wellness team.

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