There are Superheroes among Us

As a practicing physician, I work with many talented healthcare professionals and support staff. Many of these people would put their lives on the line on any given day to save someone else’s….even if it means sacrificing their family’s needs, their kid’s baseball game or music recital. I’ve seen this happen more often than I …

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What drives you?

I know what drives me. As a wellness activist, I understand the importance of well care. I also understand the importance of self care and I try to teach this to my patients. However, there is not just enough time for me to teach each and every patient I see about this. Within the confines …

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The Dirt on Cleanses 👀

I’m pretty sure most of us have heard about this and some may have even tried it. This subject of cleanses in general was popularized by pop culture and this blog is just my opinion on the topic. It is based purely on evidence-based scientific literature so, please forgive me in advance if this clashes …

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Colon Cleansing Is a Thing

Colon cleansing is indeed a thing. The real question is, ‘Is it harmful or helpful?” Allow me to shed some light on some of this controversy here. But before I do, let me clarify what it is exactly that I’m referring to. There are dietary cleanses or fasting/ restrictive diets and this involves the ingestion …

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