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What To Look For In A Prenatal Massage?

A woman’s body is constantly changing when she is expecting a baby. You can say pregnancy is an amazing time, but it is also a stressful, painful, and emotional time for a woman. A prenatal massage has now proved a safe activity for an expectant mother who has finished her first trimester. This massage helps her to be relaxed and provide relief to swollen limbs and also help to alleviate lower back pain.

Anyone who has a professional massage knows what impact it has on the body and mind, which one can feel wonderful when pressure occurs on certain organs and change the postures provide relief from old aches and pains.

Is Prenatal Massage Safe?

Prenatal massage is considered generally safe after the first trimester because it may trigger some complications like dizziness and morning sickness. So, as long as your doctor allows you to have massage therapy, it’s okay.

Forget about all myths you might hear that during massage therapy, something disturbs your pregnancy accidentally. There is no evident exit, which can prove that some certain massage therapies have an effect one way or the other. But some massage therapies avoid pressure in certain areas like between the one ankle and heel because it might trigger the contractions; however, it’s evident is inconclusive. It is a good idea that to avoid tummy massage because it pressures on that area when you are pregnant, it can make you uncomfortable.

If you are in the second half of your pregnancy, don’t take a massage lying on the back because it puts the weight of the baby and uterus on blood vessels and reduces the circulation of blood and creates some problems.

In the end, always visit your doctor before going for prenatal massage, especially if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, morning sickness, fever, abdominal pain, or bleeding because massage can cause complications in these conditions.

Benefits Of Prenatal Massage:

Some researches show that the Benefits of Massage helps to reduce the stress hormones in your body and relax you and lose your muscles. This massage also increases the flow of the blood in the body and keeps your lymphatic system at their peak. It flushes out the body from many sorts of toxins and connects the body and mind.

A regular prenatal massage not only helps to relax the body but also helps in insomnia, neck pain, back pain, joints pain, leg cramping, and sciatica. In addition, it will reduce the swelling of hands and feet, relief from the carpal tunnel pain, and alleviate headache and sinus congestion, all general pregnancy problems. Some studies reveal that massages may also lift depression without any kind of medication.

How Is Prenatal Massage Different From Regular Massage?

Prenatal massages are adapted for the changes by which you go through during pregnancy. In a regular massage, you spend your half time lying face-down on your belly and the other half facing-up. Facing-down it would be very uncomfortable for a pregnant lady and facing-up your belly and uterus pressure on the blood vessels that affect blood circulations.

In prenatal massages, a trained therapist changes your posture as your body shape, and according to therapy so, it will not make you uncomfortable, with a special cushion system or holes that will let you face down and provide room for your growing belly and breasts. Or lie you on your side with the support of cushions.

You shouldn’t be expected to do deep tissue work on your leg’s muscles. Instead of this, gentle pressure is safe for it and feels heavenly as pregnant women are more likely to be susceptible to blood clots, which deep massage therapy can dislodge; in turn, that it can be risky. But on the other body parts, the pressure is as deep or as gentle as you want. Always communicate with your therapist in regard to what you feel good or if something starts to hurt.

Nurturing a human inside you is hard work! But if you stay relaxed, it will help your body and mind to work properly. Receiving a prenatal massage is the best way to stay relaxed and healthy yourself, as long as you take proper precautions.

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