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Understanding Your “Why”

Studies say that by this time of the year in the summer, 92% of people would have failed to follow through with the wellness promises they made at the start of the year.

66% of those promises are usually “I want to get fit, lose weight, get healthy and take care of myself better.” If you were one of those people, don’t despair.

So besides knowing “WHAT” you wanted, did you know your “WHY”? Why was that goal important to you?

Did you want to be fit so you can be a positive example that your children can admire and look up to?

Was it so that you could stay as healthy as long as possible as you age?

Did you want to lose weight so you could feel more confident and sexy in your body than ever before as you fit into your little black dress or bikini?

Did you want to be healthy so you could have increased clarity, energy, and focus that would carry over into every single aspect of your life?

Or did you feel like one of the spokes of your wheel was totally out of alignment and needed some fixing? 

…Because a friend of mine told me once;

“life is sort of like a bicycle wheel with many spokes and those spokes all have to be in alignment for the wheel to roll properly and keep moving.”

These spokes are a metaphor for the many aspects of our lives; our spiritual, physical health, mental, sexual, emotional, financial, and more. If one or two of those “spokes” are broken, the ride becomes wobbly and we get out of alignment. Essentially, everything has to be in alignment for us to be happy and thriving.

Want to know why people fail to reach their wellness goals? Because they fail to focus on their “Why” before they start on their ‘What”.

Time constraints quickly usually become the number one reason people feel they are unable to stick to their wellness goals. Guess what? We’ll work around your schedule and provide you enough class options that time is no longer an issue.

Then that feeling of being overwhelmed? Oh yeah, we understand it. Because change can be daunting, you may not know where to start. That’s why we are the experts and are here to guide and support you on your journey.

Feeling alone? We got you. That’s why we’ve created a wellness tribe of people struggling just like you, but guess what? They are crushing their wellness goals everyday.

Having trouble “sticking to it”? Aaaah, accountability! Our coaches, peer support, apps and technology tools are designed to provide you accountability as you go through your wellness journey to make sure you reach your goals.

Our programs have been crafted in 6, 8 and 12 week blocks, with different offerings in order to help you reach your goal.

Yes, it does not matter your level of skill, activity or motivation. 

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