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Do You Know If You Have “Shiny Object Syndrome”?

WAIT! …Is this a new diagnosis? I think not! This condition has been around since the start of mankind and you may be one of the millions of people in the US afflicted with this silent disease.

However, I’m just not sure whether this condition has quite been classified as a formal diagnosis. Perhaps I should put in a call to the ICD-10 folks, haha!! In case you don’t know, this is the regulatory body that classifies and links a billable code to each diagnosis that is used in the US Health system and is known as the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision.

Anyhow, I digress. Let me explain what this condition is and perhaps you can make a self diagnosis.

It is primarily a disease of distraction and used to afflict mostly entrepreneurs but now has been known to affect the general population. It is called Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) because it is the equivalent of a small child chasing after shiny objects. Once they get there and see what the object really is, they lose interest and start chasing the next thing.

Why is it important for us to make this diagnosis? For the obvious reason…so we can suggest a remedy or look for a cure.

I sincerely believe that everyone deserves to feel the best that they can ever be but we’ve been conditioned to believe that there is that one thing that will make the difference. The next hot thing (shiny object) that is.

In fact, that’s the reason the wellness business is a $70 Billion industry every year! Data shows we spend that on wellness services, fitness and nutrition programs, essential oils, diet fads, juice, cleanses, etc. etc. Remember that shiny object I was talking about? Let that sink in for a minute.

Yes, we spend trillions of dollars in healthcare every year, then turn around and spend an additional $70B yearly in wellness services and products because we still feel like and we’re looking for that shiny object to solve our wellness woes! I hate to break it to you…but we’ve been duped. Scammed!

There is no such thing as a belly fat busting diet, there is no 21-day shred….

No, it’s not that pharmaceutical wonder drug that’s going to do it. It’s not medical marijuana or CBD that’s going to make you feel completely well. It’s not that supplement with all the antioxidants and immune boosting properties that’s going to do it.

No, It’s not Paleo…Keto, or stand on your head diet fad out there. It’s not juice cleanse, colon cleansing or detox that’s going to make you well for the long term. We may feel well for the moment but just as soon as that happens, we’re back to feeling like our crappy self again and we’re off to the next shiny object.

You get the point? We’ve been conditioned to reach for that shiny object…that ONE THING, that’s going to solve all our problems and make us feel like a million bucks!

Let me save you a lot of time, money, resources and frustration. Here’s the real truth. Feeling your best and living it sustainably, requires that you put in some work and consistency…preferably with a coach that will provide you evidence-based practices and hold you accountable.

You need someone to be your guide so you can quit chasing that shiny object that can become so exhausting after a while, not to mention, yield very little results.

Are you afflicted with (SOS) Shiny Object Syndrome? Well if you are, I’ve got good news for you. It is curable and we can help. To find out the next steps of how you can rid yourself of this condition, click on the link below.

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