1. We’re Turning 5!

    It's Dr. Elliott here and can you believe it?! It’s our 5-year anniversary 🍾🎂 and we have YOU to thank! I can’t believe five years have gone by this fast especially when you’re having fun…but really, we’re only just getting started. Thank you, thank you, thank you 💕 from the very bottom of our hearts for all the support for our service offerings, Art exhibitions, Pop-up collabor…Read More

  2. Dieting

    My kids loooove going to the local Barnes & Noble on Citiplace, off Corporate Blvd. If I told them we were going to the bookstore, they would get so excited that I would begin to think that perhaps there was more than just books at that place. Anyway, on one of our recent excursions, I wandered down the Nutrition aisle and BAM!…there they were. Loads and loads of so-called experts giving out…Read More

  3. King Cake Season!

    It's King Cake season! Whoa! 🥂🎉 Les bon temps rouler! There are many things I have come to appreciate about living in South Louisiana. One of them is the fact that the food culture is unrivaled and believe me when I tell you, I have traveled a LOT! But I have also come to realize that what is its pride, is also its nemesis. Why do I say this? For years, Louisiana has consistently placed at t…Read More

  4. Why a Wellness Spa?

    Happy New Year! 💥🥂🍾🎉 So I had someone ask me a very interesting question the other day and it dawned on me that perhaps I should answer that question here for your benefit as well in case you may have wondered the same. The question was “How did I end up being a wellness advocate and choose to start a Wellness Spa? Well, let me try to walk you though my journey. I still practice medi…Read More

  5. My Act of Survival

    In my last post I mentioned I would tell you why exercise for me is an act of survival and not a luxury.  You see, I’ve never told people this but I have moderate scoliosis. Most people may know what this is but in case you don’t, it is essentially a curvature of the spine and it is categorized based on the severity of the curvature. Note, I didn’t say I “suffer” from moderate scoliosis…Read More

  6. Before Christmas

    It’s a few days before Christmas and as I write this, I am tapped out physically. Emotionally and mentally, I think I’m ok to go a few more miles, but physically, my body just can’t.   Yes... I am exhausted! Down right exhausted! WAIT! But I’m the guy that writes about self-care right? Some of you may not have even noticed that it has been 2 weeks since my last email to you.   Ye…Read More

  7. Lessons On Self-Care

    I chatted with a client yesterday at our art gallery and spa who told me she was struggling to get to an art class that she had signed up for. She kept playing a conversation in her head in which her life coach had once told her "you HAVE to put yourself first." Her husband had also apparently suggested to her she needed a “girls' weekend away."   To complicate matters, it turns out that some …Read More

  8. Welcome!

    Welcome to the new website for The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa! Stay tuned for updates!…Read More

  9. Spa Retreats at The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa

    Have you ever walked into a place and felt completely welcome and at-ease? That’s how you’ll feel walking into the Healthcare Gallery and Wellness Spa for the first time. Open in 2014, the gallery and spa still remains one of Baton Rouge’s “best kept secrets.” Tucked away at the end of Brentwood Drive, The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa is the perfect getaway for couples, friends,…Read More

  10. The Price of Art

    So I have been pondering this for a while now and thought I would share. As a fellow artist and businessman, I’ve often wondered what was the most tangible way for artists to price their work. I’ve been around some cool artists and creative types and it seems that the first thing people want to know is how long it took to create the piece or provide a service; whatever it may be. But why would…Read More