You can get a facial in a lot of places but we think our facials are the best in the industry as our facials are medical-grade and fall under the category of mild skin resurfacing which helps decrease the signs of aging.


This is because our facials are geared towards using a modality that would even out the surface of the skin but with no downtime so that you can return back to work or play immediately. Our Signature Women’s or Gentlemen’s fitness facial includes a regular facial coupled with one of the following treatment modalities: Chemical peels, Microdermabrasion or Dermaplaning. Our microneedling procedure can be coupled with a regular facial but please see below for further explanation of this service as this is a slightly more aggressive approach. We believe your skin is unique so your facials should be customized as well. What we may suggest for one person may be totally different to what we may suggest for you.


At the Healthcare Gallery and Wellness Spa, we combine technology, medicine and superior pampering to ensure you have the best experience and results. The adage that anti-aging procedures is a luxury and only intended for the wealthy could not be farther from the truth. Even in healthy clients, body treatments, and even facials and some anti-aging services – do contribute to personal wellness by helping people feel better, unwind and de-stress, and develop a better self image. Appearance and confidence-enhancing beauty-related services and products are strongly recommended for guests to boost their mood, self-image, and positivity about their recovery to optimal health.


Not to mention that with the growing popularity of photo-sharing apps like Instagram and Snapchat and nearly universal use of Facebook and Twitter, the “selfie” trend, where people are expected to look their best 24/7, isn’t leaving anytime soon. So, indulge!