Let you know about founder- Dr. Leone F. Elliott Jr., MD MBA

Well, hello, I am Dr. Elliot and now going to share my personal story. This story contains my experiences and struggles to reach the efficacious position of wellness advocate. It is a common understanding among the masses that as a legitimate physician and medical expert may be a wellness advocate, right? But in my case, it is not reality as I intentionally choose this path against all the odds; the reason is my sentimental approach toward the wellbeing of humanity. As I believe that it is a right of all humankind to be as well as they could be possible. And to understand how I become a wellness advocate, you need to go through a small journey about myself.

I was a resident of a house that was just down the street from a large cemetery, and it was all about my childhood memories. The most sentimental movements that I recall are the watching of the number of funerals that go by my house area on the way to the cemetery. And I also think that my parents are not too concise about the extent I am impacted by all these situations.  And all these things lead me to make a decision about becoming a physician and prevent people from dying. Aaaah, it is just a thought of childhood innocence.

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My passion for wellness

Wellness becomes my passion because of my childhood fantasies about saving the world from health disorders. And after the completion of my schooling, I went on to college that is in West Virginia and then went to the medical school in Nashville, TN.

 I invested too much interest in learning as it is my passion and dream and also vested a lot of my time in the training and studies.  I know my dream is bigger and needs a lot of consideration, so I used to spend almost 100 hours a week in my work. Can you believe it? As all the things that I watched in my childhood made me think of being a part of something that is really bigger to myself. 

The reality is quite opposed to my fantasized thinking, and I let it know when I started my practice. As from the start of my dream, I had gotten stuck into the wheel of caring for humanity, so the pains of the people make me emotional while practicing primary care and urgent care physician. So, to see the patients with pain is a quite difficult task for me at that time. As sometimes, the treatment of patients required time and even after sending the patients back to their homes, but we also see them at the hospital’s doors after a short duration. And this cycle continues to repeat itself.

Some facts that I discovered during my journey

From my journey, I came to know that the medical system is not designed to provide proper prevention from diseases and help them to get rid of sickness. Instead of all these, we are just focusing on caring for the patient to make them better and send them to the world again. But there is a lack of physicians that educate the patients about how they would avoid the sickness. 

I also come to know that little care about health brings the long term health solution for the patients. There are a number of causes that arise due to our own carelessness like poor sleep, poor stress management and poor nutrition that lead one to the poor health situation such as fatigue, high blood pressure, migraines, stress eating issues, depression, and the list goes on. It means the duty of a doctor is not just writing prescriptions but also guiding the patients about these issues. A good physician must be able to train the patients about therapies that would lead them toward a healthy lifestyle. 

However, in reality, no one at least bothers to communicate with the patient’s o9n these issues. They put a healthy lifestyle on the top of the pyramid, but in practical life, they do not even talk on it. The only importance of the current medical system is the drugs and costly health care procedures. Alas! After spending a handful of amounts on the medical procedures, people just feel marginally well not completely well. And even after experiencing the poor outcomes of the costly medical procedures, our medical system is still stuck with them. 

Similarly, after practicing in such types of systems for several years, I was also one who recommended such procedures to the patients. And people told me that such procedures do not make them feel much better. After facing such situations, I just start thinking about the right solutions to health issues. And at this point, I vow to me to discover the deeper solutions for such issues. 

I found as a physician it is not just enough to tell your patients about the exercises, eating right, or taking medicine. It would leave them without any roadmap or blueprint of how they would actually navigate the essential part of their health care. Such physicians left the patients at the mercy of the fitness centers and the internet instead of an educated nutritionist. And I realize this is my responsibility as a physician, right. 

And this point just clicks in my mind. And I just make a decision to rather give you the tools of your health and mental wellness to implement such tools. And this leads me to take matters into my hands. And this decision is the groundwork of the birth of the Health gallery and Wellness Spa. Due to my all dedication, now I am at this stage of success when I was one of them who were invited to the TED talk in March 2014.

My thoughts

From all my learnings and discoveries, I just came to know that life is actually like a sport, and in order to win at life, you need to be trained just like an athlete. It means if you want to be a winner at every turn, then you need constant training. This training would lead you toward the constant optimization of your body, soul, and mind as well. 

I feel very excited after observing how much healthier patients feel after adopting such changes in their lifestyles that are recommended by my team and me. And when such patients come to normal life, they really recognize how bad their previous feelings like chronic fatigue, bloated, and chronically exhausted. And they really feel great when they come to live a normal life. And we all just encourage a positive lifestyle and discourage the negative things of your lifestyle, and these changes bring happiness in your life. 

 I train all team members to just take a holistic approach to treat the patients and not bound to the typical methods of pills and procedures. We also let our patients know about how to treat chronic health issues through proper nutritional food, sleep hygiene, stress management, and functional exercises. 

The whole above story demonstrates that if you need a proper and long-lasting health solution, then a quality treatment that provides you with a proper solution. As I aimed to provide not only the betterment of the patients but also a quality life to them. I want to see my clients live with full enthusiasm and enjoyable lives. I want all my patients to succeed and win in their lives by adding fitness and wellness as a major part of their routine. 

  • It is a hard nut crack but not impossible.
  • Make little effort and win in your life.
  • Thanks for staying with me during the journey of my story.

I know it’s a lofty goal but it’s attainable.

Read the stories of some of our patients and you will understand.

Thank you for coming along this journey with me. Here’s to you staying well!

Dr. Leone F. Elliott Jr., MD, MBA