We typically rotate art every quarter and we seek to exhibit emerging to mid-career artists whose works are thoughtful, well-crafted and have a vision that is in line with the gallery. In addition to seeking and exhibiting artwork by local, national and international artists, whenever possible we will host a quarterly “Exhibition Reception” where artists can discuss their processes, influences, and projects in an informal setting. If you would like to submit artwork or have an exhibition idea, feel free to email our curator at rodneyna@thehealthcaregallery.com. We suggest that your work be framed, wired and ready to hang. Since large format works stand out best in our space, preference will be given to artists with a large body of work. Send us a short bio of yourself within the body of the email and Jpeg images of each piece you would like to be physically or digitally displayed. If you could include the title of the piece, dimensions, medium and sale price, that would be helpful as well.

Prospect. 3+Baton Rouge Notes Upriver Invitational exhibition at The Healthcare Gallery 2.0

November 11, 2014 – January 25, 2015

The internationally acclaimed art program Prospect.New Orleans has opened its doors and extended an invitation to regional locations for the first time in its history. Prospect.3+Baton Rouge Notes Upriver, has teamed with The Healthcare Gallery and the LSU School for Art+Design to create a unique exhibition of LSU School of Art Graduate Students. This show features the best and brightest in the LSU school of art, showcasing a variety of medium and creative ideas.

Co-Curators: Rodneyna Hart & Raina Wirta

Students: Aaron Hussey, Abigail Smithson, Adam Meistrell, Alair Wells, Alexis Delafose, Alice Case, Amy Guidry, Andree Carter, Andrew Moran, Ann ‘Sole Sister’ Johnson, April Hammock, Ben Diller, Benjamin Ingalls, Brian Deppe, Brian Kelly, Bridget Beck, Bryant Albert, Carl Jacobson, Cat Murphy, Chad Townsend, Charles Barbier, Chelsea Ramirez, Christopher Scott Brumfield, Courtney Cullen, Curio Collective, Cynthia Giachetti, Danielle Burns, Davana Wilkins, David Williams, Delita Martin, Devon Lamond, Dustin Noel, Emerald Byrd, Emily LaCour, Eric Euler, Haley Hatfield, Hira Tariq, Ian C. Minich, Isoko Onodera, James Kimura-Green, Jamie Kutner, Jenni Lombardi, Jennifer Carwile, Jenny Authement, Jessica Sharpe, Jessie Hornbrook, John Harlan Norris, John Michael Byrd, Jonathan Mayers, Jono Wright, Juan Baldera, Kelli Scott Kelly, Kelly Tate, Kimberly Jones, Kristine Thompson,Marco Munguia, Mark Vargo, Mary Ann Caffery, Mary Claire Delony, Mason Guillory, Matt Morris, Meichi Lee, Melodie Reay, Michael w. Howes, Michael Williams, MJ Bronz, Nathan Logsdon, Nathan Pietrykowski, Paul Dean, Rabéa Ballin, Randell Henry, Randi Willett, Rhett Gerard Poche, Richard Barlow, Roberta Massuch, Rosine Kouamen, Rusty Durio, Ryan Groendyk, Sarah Ferguson, Scott Andresen, Sonic Art Collective, Treasure Tolliver, Veronica Hallock, Vickie Suplee, William Walker Conlin.

The 15,000 square foot office space converted gallery reimagines where art can engage and inspire. The Prospect.3+Baton Rouge Invitational exhibition features over 100 contemporary artists around the United States. It is a survey of creativity in an array of dimensions and concepts. Each artist tells a story, shares a journey, an interpretation of an experience expressed through various media. Thematically, the works in the exhibition explore ideas ranging from war and violence to abstract forms, and innovative emerging technologies to traditional materials.

Resilience: The Healing Power of Art

November 11, 2014 – January 16, 2015

New Works by LSU School of Art Graduate Students

Guest Curator: Malia Krolak
Reception: Friday, December 5, 2014, 6-8 pm

Students: Chelsea Ramirez, Ian Minich, Mike Stumbras, Bri Ozanne, Adam Meistrell, Jono Wright, Bridget Freeman, Brittany Sievers, Taryn Moller Nicoll, Leah Hamel, Naomi Clement, Abigail Smithson, Brian Deppe, Kelsey Livingston, M. Robyn Wall, Andrea Berg, Cassidy Creek, Morgan Anderson, Elizabeth Welch, Melodie Reay.


September 12, 2014

Intents and Purposes | Selected Works

July 7 – October 4, 2014

Marc Fresh is a local spray artist and devoted father. His works are heavily inspired by his angel, his daughter Asher. This series of angels and magnolias are works that he has longed to do but due to a heavy commission schedule, had been unable to develop. Viewing this exhibition as his chance to delve into his heart’s desire, Fresh was finally able to execute these paintings. He has not forgotten his playful side with the Mickey Mouse assemblage cut-out, though of course still tempered by the weight of a boxer portrait.

Many photographers will, in an attempt to capture a moment, orchestrate photo-shoots with costumed models and sets. Kelly C. Tate prefers to possess the moment. She creates the scene digitally or in miniature. Through makeup and wardrobe, Tate is each character. The result is a perfectly lit, fully developed moment, lively and storied.


May 1 – June 30, 2014

This exhibition features one of Spain’s most beloved and prolific graffiti artists has been made possible through the Museum of Public Art located in Old South Baton Rouge. This exhibition features an array of innovative aerosol, acrylic, and mixed-media large-scale portraiture.

Miguel Angel Belinchon Bujes (Belin) began his art career as a graffiti artist tagging his city of Linares, Spain as a youth. Belin loved the street art he saw regularly; he viewed it as beauty made available for the public. This inspired him to create that of his own. Today, Belin exhibits throughout the world. With masterful dexterity, Belin traverses medium and technique from painting and sculpture to clothing. One constant is his superhero theme. In the words of Belin, “We all have the capacity for greatness…somewhere inside all of us lies a real superhero.”

Grand Opening Exhibition & Reception

February 2014