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The health gallery and wellness spa is the right platform for you that offers the auspicious services for curing the ailments with cost-effective medications. Nowadays, people face innumerable health issues that are deeply rooted in their bodies. They feel fatigued, infirmities, sluggish, red, and in pain. If you cannot pay attention to health, then you can face serious and complex ailments that make your future horrible. We have a team of experts and well-groomed physicians that cure the clients with motivation and loyalty. However, our doctors are humble enough to listen to all the discussions of the clients carefully.  We care about the needs of our patients and treat them according to the situations. We assist the people that are left in the Baton Rouge area to control their health. Also, we want to make them healthier by changing the dull and inactive lifestyle. Our main priority is the perfect wellness regarding mental, emotional, and physical health. We are hopeful that you enjoy our services and stay healthy for a better life.

Dr. Leone Elliott Jr.


What do we offer?

The wellness clinic is a great place to deliver health
Primary Care

We can help your entire family with their primary care needs. From preventative medicine to chronic illness we have you covered.

Medical Spa

We are well known for our signature facials and therapeutic massages. Come see what everyone is talking about. We have best Spa and wellness treatment.

Fitness & Weight Training

Are you tired of not fitting into your favorite clothes? Looking to improve your body and health? We're here to help. Sign up for Baton Rouge Spa a fitness program today.

Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone is a revolutionary way to treat those suffering with opioid addictions. Click Here to learn how it can help you or a loved one.

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Primary Care + Med Spa


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Now Accepting Insurance!
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Now providing Telemedicine for behavioral health services and also for primary care.

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After my first visit to The Healthcare Gallery, I was already looking forward to my next visit. Upon arrival, I was greeted by welcoming and friendly staff. I had never seen anything like The Healthcare Gallery and Wellness Spa before, everyone was so personable!


Working alongside the spa’s personal trainer in the movement studio three times a week, I began feeling more comfortable and confident in fitness settings. As a wife, mother and full-time professional, finding time to schedule “me time” was difficult. However, at the Healthcare Gallery I am able to schedule my personal training appointments either before or after work.

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Primary Care

We offer satisfactory primary care services for our clients. The Health Gallery & Wellness Spa is an outstanding place for your planning due to granting the intense care and outstanding services. Our primary care physicians are well experienced and serve clients with allegiance. Append to this, our experts construct relationships with patients and ensure the 100% recovery of ailments as soon as possible. We prescribe the valuable and effective medication for the immediate recovery of disease with the eradication of roots that affect your wellness. We also offer colossal discounts for their clients because our motive is to facilitate more and more humanity. Baton Rouge spa is here for the primary care support of your entire family. Our primary care doctor facilitates you by providing quality advice for your preventative medicine to your chronic illness. Our experts are responsible for these services that are enlisting below for you; 

  • Provide service to maintain proper weight and nutrition
  • Handling acute and complex illness 
  • Managing chronic illness
  • Boost the immunization in children and adults 
  • Pediatric care  Basic women care  

Medical Spa:

We are notable for providing the superb facilities regarding signature fiscal and therapeutic [THC] massage in Baton Rouge Spa. Our motive is to grant the sublime quality massages to eliminate your anxiety for endowing the relaxation to your mind. We have experts that are cautious about your Spa and wellness. We use quality products for messages and granting various treatments to make you flawless. Also, we have the heap of specialist physicians that are familiar with the use of the latest technology and equipment that are used in the medical Spa. Some of the anti-aging treatments are best for your mental wellness. Append to this; you can get the satisfactory treatment that is showing the richest outcomes and make your skin glowing. We provide enlisting medical spa services:

  • Fiscal and chemical peels 
  • Laser hair removal treatment
  • Botox injections, Facial fillers, Reflexology 
  • Removal of tattoo and permanent makeup removal 
  • Microdermabrasion, Chemical peels

Fitness & weight training

We sincerely and care for our clients that are terrible for escalating the weight. And never wear up your favorite dress that is perfect for a time ago. Don’t worry that the health gallery and wellness spa are here for your assistance. Fitness is the key ingredient to enjoy your life with wellness. So, we have a massive amount of trainers that gingerly provide the service for maintaining the weight and proper shape of your body. We provide a smart solution for your fitness problem from which you are suffering. If you are setting your goal for losing weight, we are here to be medically supervised for controlling your habits. Our trainer is the best facilitator that guides you for maintaining your weight according to height and age. Plus, they suggest you use proper nutrition to maintain your wellness and focus on eliminating the reasons for enhancing weight in the future. We also offer some awesome services that entail below;

  • Semi-private personal training 
  • 1-on-1 personal training 
  • You atheist training 
  • Rehabilitation exercise 
  • Best Trainings and therapies

Suboxone treatment:

Suboxone treatment is one of the groundbreaking ways of treating the patients that are suffering from opioid addictions. Such patients are facing various symptoms when they use opioids massively. For instance, they face changes in sleeping habits, weight loss, slurred speech, and constipation. Plus the use of opioids for a long time makes the cause of various problems that affect your life. So, you need to just click and know how we can help you. We offer well-groomed and highly-experienced experts to endow help to the clients for improving yours.

Also, Baton Rouge Spa has a qualified psychologist that understands your situation and prescribes proper medications. The use of Suboxone provides help to dependence on the use of opioid drugs.

Our Suboxone Treatments offers all the above-mentioned services for their clients. Add to this; we offer volume discounts for our customers.